News: Skype updated for iOS

Today, Microsoft rolled out an update for Skype on iPhone and iPad, with two-way HD video calling, as well as improvements to the messenger.


The main feature for this update is the enhanced resolution video call, which is great but unfortunately is only supported by Apple devices with the new A7 chip, which is used to power the iPhone 5s, iPad Air and the iPad mini with Retina display.


Before you go deleting the update notifications, there’s still reason to update Skype. The messaging department also got much needed upgrades. In the past Skype had to be running in the background to be able to receive push notifications, now with Skype’s integration with Apple’s Notification Center it can now show message alerts even when the app is closed. Also Skype promises for a faster sync across your devices – no more old messages popping up every time you open up Skype.