Review: Logitech Gamepad F-310 Controller

The logitech gamepad f-310 is a great controller for any beginning pc gamer. I think it is a great alternative to a dualshock or xbox controller for those who want solid gaming performance without having to empty their wallets.


The f-310 feels as if logitech got an xbox controller and a dualshock 3 and merged them together to a create a fusion of the two. The overall feel of the controller reminds me very much of my dualshock 3, yet the buttons on the gamepad match the x-360 controller, with the clicking buttons, lettered buttons, and the arrows in one solid piece.

photo 1


Probably the biggest downside of the logitech f-310 is it’s lack of wireless controlling. The gamepad must be plugged in to a USB port at all times, and although it has a surprisingly long cable, this makes it much less efficient.

 photo 2


Another downside with the gamepad is its lack of compatibility with some games. Often the gamepad would be not properly programmed for the game I was playing, and unless I wanted to go to the trouble of programming the controls myself, I tended to go back to keyboard and mouse in situations like that.

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The logitech gamepad comes with an installation disc for its very own button programming software. Unfortunately, I found the program to be confusing, difficult to use, and often faulty. Perhaps if logitech had given some sort of instructions I would be using this tool more often.

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I wouldn’t recommend the gamepad as a primary controller, but despite its flaws, the logitech gamepad f-310 is an overall well-made controller, and is a good choice for entry-level gamers looking for a cheap alternative to console controllers.


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