Review: Assassin’s Creed 3


I liked this game a lot. I’m a huge fan of the Assassin’s Creed series – I like the story, gameplay and visuals. When this game came out I was super hyped, because it involved the AC storyline, plus American Indians, naval ship battles, and awesome close-combat sword action. All these elements of the game are things that make this game very cool. The combat is seamless with awesome moves and cool finishers. Not to mention the cities in the game; they are huge and faithfully accurate to their real life counterparts, and are exciting to explore by rooftop – the assassin’s way.


The control interface was very simple to use, the buttons were laid out much like previous games. The gameplay itself offered a varied set of things to do, from eavesdrop on enemy fortresses to sabotaging ship cannons. One of my few gripes about this game was the ease of fighting gameplay – it seemed as if I could take downs dozens of enemies without even getting scratched. AC-3 also has a huge open-world, one which I gladly explored. The environments are chock full with hidden treasures, side missions and other various things to do.


Issues parents should know about:

The main reason this game has an M rating is that it has a lot of bloody violence in it. Almost everything you do to progress in the game has some sort of violence involved, with blood. This is about as bloody as it gets in AC3:

Other than that the only things you guys might worry about are sexual references in the dialogue of the game. One guard says something like: “I slept with your sister.” There are also uses of course language in the game, but I don’t think that’s a big deal, considering most kids here that kind of stuff in school nowadays.



AC-3 follows Connor Kenway, a half Native American assassin who fights for America’s freedom in the Revolutionary War. To my disappointment, the game also follows Desmond Miles, ancestor of Connor and recurring protagonist of the present day side of the series. Although I enjoyed the parts of the story with Connor, the Desmond saga was all too sci-fi and predictable, jolting me out of the awesome feeling of being a super-awesome American Indian assassin.



All in all I thought AC3 was a really outstanding game, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, although the story was disappointing at times. If you’re a fan of the series I say go and get it — you won’t be disappointed.