Review: Fujifilm X-20 Digital Camera

The Fujifilm X-20 is an amazing mid-sized compact camera, perfect for the casual or serious photographer. It has an elegant design, functions well, and is very fun to use.


The X-20 is a good all-rounder, with 12 million effective pixels and a Fujinon 4x optical zoom lens. This isn’t an incredible lens, but it serves its purpose and keeps the camera in the compact category. The X-20 has a beautifully clear 2.8 inch L.C.D screen, but a particularly interesting feature of this camera is its digital viewfinder. A viewfinder can be extremely difficult to find on a compact camera, let alone a really quality one. The X-20 however has a great digital viewfinder, with a digital display showing when the camera is focused among other things. The X-20 uses manual zoom; to zoom in or out, twist the zoom ring built into the lens. The X-20 come in two different colors: silver and black, or all black.

photo 1


The X-20 has a variety of modes to choose from, like just the normal camera, SR+ where the camera finds the optimal settings for the situation, Advanced mode to apply various filters and effects to the photos, or Portrait mode for photographing people, among others.

 photo 2


The buttons and rings on the camera are fairly simple, but also elegant and good looking. It may take a few reads through the manual to get the hang of using the camera, but it’s simple enough.


The X-20 takes very clear photos, and auto-focuses very quickly and efficiently. It seems to be able to shoot fine in all conditions, except the extreme extreme cold, in which the buttons started to get sticky and hard to use.

 photo 3 (1)


I think the X-20 is a great camera for almost all occasions, whether shooting wildlife or scenery, or just taking family photos.

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